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Making Sense of Space and Place through Maps and (Counter) Mapping Practices

Featuring Simeona “Ony” Martinez

Going beyond geography. In this episode, we explore the world of mapping and how maps contribute to our understanding of lived experiences more than just physical terrain.

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Featuring Mariton Villanueva and Soliman Poonon

Let’s paint a picture of nature. In this episode, we feature two Filipino artists as they discuss their creative process and how they connect with nature through art.


Featuring Alvira “Vie” Reyes​

From bean to brew. In this episode, we learn more about the humble harvests of our local farmers and the growing community that bonds over cups of coffee.


Featuring Rina Garcia Chua

“Nasaan kayo nung Ondoy?” In this episode, Rina Garcia Chua discusses the collective experience of the Filipino in relation to nature and crises, and how these are best brought out through literature.

Featuring Lee Ann Canals-Silayan, Erika Gutierrez, and Atty. Theresa Tenazas

Are you a Responsible Plantito/Plantita? In this episode, we talk to women who are experts in their fields of gardening to see how one can grow responsibly in the budding “plantito” and “plantita” community.

Gubat”—the forest. “At Iba pa”—and others. This is where the forest and other things come together, where we have a chance to explore stories about experiences with nature. This is Gubatbp.